What To Do in Ninh Binh at Night

Ninh Binh (Ninh Bình) is the capital city of Ninh Binh Province with a population exceeding 130,000 people and tourism playing an important part in the local economy. However, the nightlife in Ninh Binh Province or Ninh Binh city is not as sophisticated as other big cities of Vietnam such as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. Frankly, not many people think of enjoying drinking and nightlife in Ninh Binh as Ninh Binh has more activities and potential delights in the daytime. Therefore, they often sleep early to prepare their energy for the next day tour.

However, if sleeping early is not your plan when you take Vietnam holiday and come to Ninh Binh. This article will suggest some ideal activities and spots you can do and visit for the best nightlife in Ninh Binh. Read on to know what the best activities and attractions you can enjoy in Ninh Binh at night.

Nightlife In Ninh Binh Province, Vietnam: What To Do In Ninh Binh At Night

1. Camping In Cuc Phuong National Park (Rừng Quốc Gia Cúc Phương)

Camping is one of the most worth-trying activities for the best nightlife in Ninh Binh because Ninh Binh is the mountainous area where you can immerse yourself in the fresh air and great nature. Camping is also an ideal and special experience for someone who looks for a thrilling sensation especially when they have to spend their all night in the wood. This is a reason why Ninh Binh is attracting more and more young people who plan to camp with their friends and their family.

There are many excellent camping sites in Ninh Binh, including Cuc Phuong National Park. At night, Cuc Phuong has a quiet, peaceful and mysterious beauty. Visiting there, you will feel excited to discover innumerable things in this park.

Here are some tips you should know before packing your bags for camping in Cuc Phuong National Park.

    * The best time for you to visit Cuc Phuong is from September to December (dry season) because of fewer mosquitoes and squeeze in the forest.
    * You should bring your necessary items such as flashlights, boots, cameras, sleeping bags, binoculars, and insect repellent.
    * For cuisine, you should prepare drink and food for camping in Cuc Phuong forest
    * If it is the first time you camp in the forest, it is recommended joining in the tour of the Center for Environment Education and Service of Cuc Phuong National Park

2. Hunting For Night Snacks And Street Food On Cu Chinh Lan (Cù Chính Lan) Street

Cu Chinh Lan (Cù Chính Lan) Street situated in the center of the town is called beautiful heaven of Ninh Binh City as it has many interesting things to do and discover. After a day full of exploring and traveling to famous destinations of Ninh Binh City, nothing is better than enjoying the special food of the ancient capital.

Coming to Cu Chinh Lan Street, you can easily find plenty of attractive and delicious dishes at extremely low prices. Walking along the Cu Chinh Lan Street, you will be fascinated by the countless food such as burnt rice, hot sticky rice, snail, baked chicken legs, hot pot, fat goat meat, etc.

Furthermore, Cu Lan Chinh Street also has many stores, restaurants and karaoke bars that serve the needs of visitors.

It is possible to say that this street makes Ninh Binh become more charming and beautiful. Wandering along the street, tourists can relieve their boredom and get fun.

3. Visit Bai Dinh Pagoda (Chùa Bái Đính) At Night

Bai Dinh Pagoda set within the complex of Trang An (Tràng An) Grottoes, Ninh Binh is one of the popular spiritual attractions in Vietnam. If you have a chance to visit Ninh Binh, you should see the magical and sparkling beauty of this pagoda at night.

To increase the interest and curiosity of tourists and travelers, the Bai Dinh night tour was started from the end of 2016.

In the night time, Bai Dinh is more peaceful and quiet with the brightly-lit lamps that constantly interchange the colors. You will feel the fresh air and smell the fragrance of flowers. Furthermore, you can hear the temple bell all over the temple no matter where you are standing.

4. Explore Thien Ha Cave (Động Thiên Hà)

Also located in the complex of Trang An Grottoes, Thien Ha Cave is also a must-seeing attraction at night. Thien Ha Cave is known as the “Milky Way in the Heart of the Mountain” which has the cultural and historical values. It can be said that visitors can relieve worries and gain happiness when they explore Thien Ha Cave at night.

5. Explore Ky Lan Mountain (Núi Kỳ Lân)

There are many impressive mountains and beautiful landscapes in Ninh Binh such as Non Nuoc Mountain (Núi Non Nước), Canh Dieu Mountain (Núi Cánh Diều), Ma Yen Mountain (Núi Mã Yên), etc. Ky Lan Mountain is one of the famous attractions and it is known as “Rockery” of Ninh Binh.

Situated on the Trang An river, Ky Lan Mountain with 50 meters is surrounded by the green trees and undulating hills. In the evening, you can see the magical beauty of the space and Ninh Binh City with colorful neon lights by looking down from a mountain.

To enjoy the dinner, you can go to Nhu Y Restaurant (Nhà Hàng Như Ý) at Trang An, Golden Buffalo Restaurant on Tran Hung Dao (Trần Hưng Đạo), BQ Sea Restaurant on Khanh Thanh (Khánh Thành) Street, etc.

6. Visit Ninh Binh Sports Arenas

To enjoy the best nightlife in Ninh Binh, you should not forget to explore Ninh Binh Sports Arenas that is situated on Dinh Tien Hoang (Đinh Tiên Hoàng) Street, Dong Thanh (Đông Thành) Ward, Ninh Binh City. As one of the most modern and beautiful arenas in Vietnam, Ninh Binh Sports Arenas often holds a lot of nationwide volleyball competitions.

Ninh Binh Sports Arenas is a popular attraction for many tourists in the evening. Visiting this place, you can admire the scenic beauty of Ninh Binh and taste delicious food with special taste and eye-catching appearance.

7. Enjoy The Best Coffee In A Beautiful Café With A Good View In Ninh Binh

If you to explore the shimmering and colorful beauty of Ninh Binh at night, you should not forget the experiences of sitting in a beautiful café with a good view of Ninh Binh city and the best coffee in your hand.

You can easily find the gentle, beautiful or modern café that gives you the best drinks and great relaxation in Ninh Binh. Some cafés also have a balcony with comfortable chairs where you can look down to see the beauty of whole city brightening with lights.

Here are some suggestions you can look for:

    * Tu Tu Coffee at 14, Lane 248 Ngo Gia Tu (Ngô Gia Tự) Street
    * Chookie’s at 17 Luong Van Tuy (Lương Văn Tụy)
    * Aria Café in the first floor of the Bong Lau Event Center (Trung tâm Sự kiện Bông Lau), The Reed Ninh Binh Hotel on Dinh Dien (Đinh Điền) Street, Dong Thanh (Đông Thành) Ward
    * Be Café at 6 Cu Chinh Lan, Tan Thanh (Tân Thành) Ward

Ninh Binh nightlife is not animated and busy but it is still a must-try experience when you travel to Ninh Binh. I hope that you will get useful information in this article by Vina.com. Any questions can be left in the comment section and we will answer them as soon as we can.